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As a Mexican Tzotzil I grew up between the sacrality both of Guadalupe Virgin and Mother Earth. As a son, I grew up among the derision of not having a father and blaming my mother for it. ‘Mom’ is a dialogue between mother and son exploring their contradictions, knowing and recognizing each other, and reflecting on naturalized violence and its reproduction.

‘‘a visual breath of air, a caress for the senses, and also a deep and painful crying out of unspoken truths." - Los Angeles Times


Celsa covers her skin with roots and leaves from her jungle-like garden. She wants to heal. She still feels prison and torture endured 45 years ago in a concentration camp in Paraguay. However, the past echoes; the country is ruled by the son of the former dictator's right-hand man.

"The beauty of nature, which provides the herbs she carefully gathers, contrasts starkly with the horrific memories....The past seeps into the present" - IDFA, **Winner**, Special Mention, Best First Feature


Through his dreams, José received a gift given by the gods. A gift that brings consequences. Now that he is at a mature age in life, José would like to rest, but he is not allowed. Vaychiletik explores this fierce yet beautiful reality, forged from the dreams of the Mayan people of Mexico.

"beautifully-shot Mexican folk music study in the high arthouse style" - Guardian

What Remains on the Way

LO QUE QUEDA EN EL CAMINO tells the story of Lilian and her four children as they migrate in search for a better life. The family leaves Guatemala, joining a caravan of thousands of other people trying to reach the Mexico-US border. Being a single mother, this is Lilian’s best chance to make the dangerous journey.

"Suddenly the question arises whether her goal is really this rich country. Isn’t it rather about finally standing up to male dominance and traditional gender roles? It’s very obvious that one thing remained on Lilian’s arduous way: Fear has yielded to a new self-confidence." - DOK Leipzig, **Winner** Honourable Mention.

Moosa Lane

Moosa Lane is a personal family epic, where the director looks back at the history of her two families over the course of 15 years in Karachi and Copenhagen. A cinematic essay of belonging, human worth, life, love and death.

The director grew up in Denmark with her Pakistani father and Norwegian mother. At the age of 25, she decides to examine her roots in Pakistan through the lens of her camera. During the following 15 years, life in Moosa Lane changes drastically while the contrasts of her two worlds emphasise the missing bridges, on a global scale of inequality and human worth. Us and them.

"builds a bridge across time and place....a personal family story in wide format, where all emotions are allowed to color the canvas along the way." - CPH:DOX, Next:Wave Award, Honorary Mention.

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