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True Story is an independent streaming platform dedicated to documentaries. We aim to bring audiences the best in documentary storytelling from filmmakers all over the world.

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All That Glimmers - The Films of Jeanie Finlay

“They’re all about people trying to find out who they are,” she says, “even if some are doing that in extreme ways. With The Great Hip-Hop Hoax I liked the idea of a lie that grew to weigh these two kids down. Making Orion, I felt like an archaeologist digging into the complex life of this spoilt boy who really wanted his dream. Even with Panto!, you’re focused on people willing to undergo transformation to discover themselves.”
- Jeanie Finlay talking to The Guardian.

All That Glimmers is available to watch NOW on True Story.

Yeh Freedom Life

Filmed in the dense streets and neighbourhoods of Ambedkar Nagar, a working class district of New Delhi, 'Yeh Freedom Life' (This Freedom Life) tries to keep up with its protagonists Sachi and Parveen, as they manoeuvre erratic and unpredictable love.

"looks at queer relationships in their most elemental ingredients: passion, jealousy and intimacy...Yeh Freedom Life is an important document of a slice of queer life rarely captured onscreen."
★★★★ - The Guardian


Summer 2016, somewhere in French Drôme Provençale, a mysterious plague strikes the villages: swarms of white moths have invaded the region. As night approaches, everyone is shutting down in their homes, trapped by the seemingly unstoppable vermin.

As the big swarm approaches, Lou discovers both the strange insects and her feelings for her friend Sam. By the end of the season, the moths will have devastated the century-old box trees, leaving behind a landscape of ruin

"Gaucherand paints a moody, melancholy picture evoking the end of the world, where romantic longing comes across as a force of redemption." - Firstpost.


Andreia wants to move out. Leid is waiting for her husband, who is in prison. They are neighbours in a poor suburban slum of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, trying to escape the daily dangers of a drug traffic war happening on the outside and avoid the tragedy that comes with the rain. First time director Juliana Antunes guides her non-professional cast to an intimate portrait of life in the favelas.

"a remarkable feature debut with a distinctive political voice and a clever use of documentary technique" ioncinema

True Story Shorts - Spaces

True Story presents it’s second collection of short documentaries, exploring the temporary nature of spaces designated for a singular purpose, and the process of reclamation once those spaces have outlived their use.

"This short film collection from the True Story platform ranges across continents to look at how we interact with our environments"
- The Guardian

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