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Dir. Juliana Antunes - 73 mins - 2017 - Brazil

Andreia wants to move out. Leid is waiting for her husband, who is in prison. They are neighbours in a poor suburban slum of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, trying to escape the daily dangers of a drug traffic war happening on the outside and avoid the tragedy that comes with the rain. First time director Juliana Antunes guides her non-professional cast to an intimate portrait of life in the favelas.

Flight of a Bullet

Dir. Beata Bubenec - 80min - 2017 - Russia/Latvia

"Beata Bubenec’s single-take documentary opens on a blown-out bridge in Ukraine’s heavily contested Donbass region. A local man—taking exception to being filmed—is bundled into a car by armed forces and driven off for interrogation. But despite the intensity of the action unfolding in front of the camera, attention and scrutiny quickly turns to goings-on behind the lens as Bubanec’s allegiances (and motivations) are called into question. As the tension of the exhilarating opening scene subsides, the film shifts into a fascinating and provocative study of how the violence of conflict permeates into the mundanity of the everyday." Open City Documentary Festival.

Ouaga Girls

Dir. Theresa Traore Dahlberg - 80 min - 2017 - Sweden, Burkina Faso

In a country with youth unemployment at 52 percent, jobs are a hot issue. The young girls at a mechanics school in Burkina Faso’s capital Ouagadougou are right in the middle of a crucial point in life when their dreams, hopes and courage are confronted with opinions, fears and society’s expectations of what a woman should be. Using interesting narrative solutions, Theresa Traore Dahlberg depicts their last school years and at the same time succeeds in showing the country’s violent past and present.


Dir. Ekta Mittal - 80min - 2018 - India

In a faraway village called birha, missing people, mothers and tired lovers yearn to see beyond the mist. They meet each other with impenetrable silences and endless mourning. They curse the moon for witnessing their insomnia. birha situates itself in a season of waiting, climate of uncertainty: where only a loud screech can register distance between loved ones.

Let It Burn

Dir. Maíra Bühler - 85min - 2019 - Brazil

Downtown São Paulo, Brazil. An Apartment Building: 7 floors, 28 rooms, 107 residents who all have in common the addiction to crack. Over the course of several months, life in a social housing project - part of a city hall “damage reduction” program about to be extinguished - is revealed. Characters on a hallucinated hunt for bonding, and fighting passionately for life, can be seen as the camera drifts through hallways, rooms, elevators, stairs; day and night. In this claustrophobic place, anything can happen.

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  • Dreaming Under Capitalsim

    2 videos

    Dir. Sophie Bruneau - 63min - 2017 - Language: French - Subtitles available in: English, Italian, Spanish.

    Twelve people recount and then interpret their memory of a dream about work. These mistreated souls describe, in a poetic and political way, their subjective suffering at work. Bit by bit, ...

  • We Will Remember Them

    1 video

    Dir. Annabel Verbeke - 60min - 2018 - Belgium - Subtitles in English

    Ever since 1919, daily life in Ypres, capital of Flanders Fields, has been dedicated to commemorating the First World War.

    On her journey through this landscape of remembrance, filmmaker Annabel Verbeke, who grew up in Ypres, ...

  • The Kiosk

    1 video

    Dir. Alexandra Pianelli - 78min - 2020 - France - Language: French - Subtitles: English

    The Kiosk is a video diary filmed by Alexandra, a young artist who has come to help her mother who runs a newsstand in a chic Paris neighbourhood. While fulfilling her childhood dream of playing at keeping sh...

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