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An independent documentary streaming platform.

True Story is an independent streaming platform dedicated to documentaries. We aim to bring audiences the best in documentary storytelling from filmmakers all over the world.

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True Story presents its first curated collection of short documentaries, exploring notions of home: where life begins, how it feels to be exiled, what gives us meaning and makes us feel grounded.

In BREAKFAST IN KISUMU, Rok Ajulu talks of life as a freedom fighter in exile, and the journey back to his African homeland; MOTHERLAND follows 3 men deported from their home in the UK, having to make home in countries they barely know; HYDEBANK witnesses a young man serving a long prison sentence, glimpsing his future home life. NO MAN’S LAND goes on a journey with women forced to leave their home country, in order to start a family; and in MY NAME IS ANIK, a young woman starts learning Kurdish to connect with her grandmother’s birthplace.

★★★★ - The Guardian

The Kiosk

The Kiosk is a video diary filmed by Alexandra, a young artist who has come to help her mother who runs a newsstand in a chic Paris neighbourhood. While fulfilling her childhood dream of playing at keeping shop, Alexandra discovers the business of selling newspapers and gets to know the customers.

While holding the till of the newsstand, as members of her family have done for a hundred years, Alexandra films the world go by with her telephone. But the printed press is in crisis and this game turns out to be a little more complicated than she expected.

★★★★ "this sparky documentary captures an aspect of modern Paris life at the very moment that it’s becoming obsolete" - The Guardian

Marc Isaacs - Up Close

Since his first film in 2001, Marc Isaacs has perfected the art of getting up close and personal. Close enough to gain the trust of those he is filming, but still with enough distance to ask difficult and sometimes deeply personal questions. The natural barrier of a camera, pressed to his face, empowers his subjects to speak their minds.

'Marc Isaacs - Up Close' brings together Marc's incredible body of work online for the first time.

"Isaacs has an astounding gift for getting people to open up to him and he uses film the way a very skilled artist uses paint. The result is beautiful, heartbreaking and profoundly humane." - The Times

Nisman - 6 Part Series

Fed for years with information by Stiuso, a spy with close links to the CIA, prosecutor Nisman is ready to testify in the Argentinian Congress against president Cristina Kirchner. He is accusing her of negotiating the impunity of Iranians in the Buenos Aires’ 1994 AMIA bombing, the worst terrorist attack in the West before 9/11. The night before, however, Nisman is found dead in his bathroom with a single shot to the head. Murder or suicide? The intrigue is endless, and the stakes are high.

"With narrative skill, the documentary assembles a chaotic puzzle:” - The New York Times

Silence Is a Falling Body

After my father died, the details of his life get lost in silence. My need to get to know him reveals a story marked by sexuality and political activism.

Jaime recorded everything, even his own death. He passed on more than one hundred hours of home videos to me, his daughter, and many uncertainties. Jaime was a clandestine person, similar to many of his generation, but Jaime led a double life.

The images recorded by Jaime give place to questions around desire, sexuality, family and freedom. 'Silence is a Falling Body' is a trip to an intimate and filial past, but also to a political one.

"a complex and moving portrait" - Cinema Tropical

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