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Lisbon Beat

This exuberant documentary portrait of a city and its musicians highlights the innovative Afro-Portuguese music scene thriving on the outskirts of Lisbon.

Cinematographer Vasco Viana and Lisbon-born, London-based DJ Rita Maia depict a vibrant community of musicians and producers from diverse backgrounds each establishing their relationship to this complex city. Among many other notable figures, the film features DJ Nigga Fox, previously represented by Portugal’s Principé label, and recently signed by Sheffield’s Warp Records.


Lena and Sasha live in Magnitogorsk, a mining town in the heart of Russia that depends on its gigantic Kombinat, one of the largest iron and steel factories in the country. Lena teaches salsa, Sasha works at the steel plant, Sasha's brother Guenia and his wife have decided to leave because of the pollution.

"Here, time stands eerily still. Once celebrated as the socialist city of steel, Magnitogorsk typifies Stalin’s vision of transforming the largely agrarian nation into an industrialised superpower." - The Guardian

Non Western

We join Thaddeus and Nanci, a Native / Non Native Montanan couple, in the lead up to their wedding, as they face their biggest challenge yet. Thaddeus wants Nanci to convert to his Cheyenne way of life even if it forces Nanci into a subordinate role.

Both Nanci and Thaddeus were adopted as teenagers by families with different ethnicities: Thaddeus by a white Christian family, and Nanci by the Lakota tribe. It’s no coincidence they have sought shared experience and understanding in one another.

"heartfelt reflection on marriage and Native American identity" - The Guardian

Kinshasa Makambo

Christian, Ben and Jean-Marie are fighting for political change of power and free elections in their country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But the incumbent President refuses to relinquish power. How can the course of events be changed? Must they join forces with the historical opposition leader and his powerful party? Is dialogue still possible or must they resign themselves to a popular uprising and the risk of a blood bath? Kinshasa Makambo immerses us in the combat these three activists are engaged in, a combat that neither bullets, nor prison, nor exile seem able to stop.

"courageous and absorbing" - The Guardian

*not available USA, Canada, Belgium, DRC

The Fortress

In the final days leading up to the Colombian national soccer finals, Jorge, a young hooligan from the slums of northeastern Colombia, travels 1,000 miles across the country with his friends to see his native Bucaramanga’s soccer team. Proving their commitment as loyal fans, they travel by illegally hopping onto trucks to attend the most important game of the season — one that promises the team a chance to return to Division A of the Colombian professional soccer league after eight years in Division B.

"intimate, dirty and glorious" - Letterboxd

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