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Three Women

Somewhere in the Carpathians between Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland lies the village of Stuzhytsia. In Ukrainian the name of the village means something like "cold place". The film tells the stories of three women: the farmer Hanna, the postwoman Maria and the biologist Nelya. The film portrays an unknown place in the middle of Europe, where people have to decide daily between leaving and staying.

"Very few documentary filmmakers today see themselves as a “fly on the wall”. But gifting a pig to a protagonist in front of the camera or letting her cut the camerman’s hair? That’s rather unusual" - DOK Leipzig, Audience Award Winner

Tolyatti Adrift

Tolyatti, once the symbol of socialist pride is today the Russian Detroit, a limbo city where there is no future for the youth. In this hopeless environment, Boyevaya Klassika arises, a movement that rescues iconic old Lada cars from the local factory to turn them into a means of rebelliousness and expression, that explores the conflicts and dreams of the youth in one of the poorest cities in Russia. We follow Slava, Misha & Lera in the year that they have to face for the first time, their adulthood in a place where the future seems to be a dystopia.

"young Lada restorers aim to escape Russia’s post-industrial angst...Laura Sisteró’s dynamic documentary follows Slava, Misha and Lera, three young adults who dare to dream and rebel against all odds." - Guardian

Far Beyond the Pasturelands

In a remote Himalayan region, the villagers of Maikot are preparing for the harvest of a mysterious aphrodisiac caterpillar-mushroom worth more than gold. Lalita, a young mother, had to let go of her dreams after getting married because of the social pressures of her community. As the whole village departs to the mountains, she joins the journey to the high-altitude pasturelands in the hope of providing a better life for her family through the hazardous harvest of the rare mushroom.

"The art of foraging assumes epic and picturesque observational doc" - POV Magazine


CALVINIA follows a 40-year-old man who returns to his hometown in rural South Africa to visit his elderly father. His journey oscillates between memories of his childhood on a sheep farm in the 1980s and present-day images of people and places from his past, still familiar but weathered by the passage of time. A journey of self-discovery unfolding in concentric circles, CALVINIA evokes the nostalgia of childhood memories within the complex socio-political realities of a fractured society.

"A generous and elegantly constructed film, made of encounters, moments of solitude and flirting, mixing the past with the present, in a journey that feels like a farewell." - Visions du Reel

Downstream to Kinshasa

For two decades, the victims of the Six-Day War in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been fighting in Kisangani for the recognition of this bloody conflict and demanding compensation. Tired of unsuccessful pleas, they have finally decided to voice their claims in Kinshasa, after a long journey down the Congo River.

“A documentary about Sisyphean persistence in the face of institutional indifference,..riveting.” - New York Times

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