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Helena Třeštíková: A Moment in Time Lapse

We're excited to present this collection 'A Momement in Time-Lapse', dedicated to the work of Czech filmmaker Helena Třeštíková, who has spent over 40 years making what she calls 'time-lapse documentaries', a long-form, longitudinal form of filmmaking, which often sees Třeštíková spending many years with those she films.

Třeštíková describes that "the purpose of a time-lapse film is to offer the audience an expanded experience of the world and to offer the protagonists such an interpretation of their lives, which they could accept as their true life stories."

All of Helena's films are made in the Czech Republic, chronicling ordinary lives, capturing their extraordinary moments.


Among the many ways that racism is deeply entrenched in our film culture is a technical one: the lighting for movie cameras has always been calibrated for white skin, with other production tools reflecting the same bias throughout cinema history. Three filmmakers collectively explore the literal, theoretical, and philosophical dimensions of that reality in this discursive, playful, and profound work of nonfiction. In a series of thematically linked, provocative discussions and interrogations, Eléonore Yameogo from Burkina Faso, Belgian An van. Dienderen, and Rosine Mbakam from Cameroon chart the making of their own film, while exploring the cinematic construction of whiteness and how this relates to power, privilege, and the myth of objectivity.

"Densely thoughtful...has beautiful and poignant moments." - New York Times


Privately-hired mercenaries are responsible for protecting vessels crossing the High Risk Area off the Somali coastline against pirate attacks. Rigorously preparing to face the enemy, each watch brings them closer to the day of contact.Yet the sea is full of surprises. Οr lack thereof.

"a stunning, stylized triptych" - Variety

Dor (Longing)

A young man returns to his native Romania to make a fresh start as a shepherd. Jannes Callens' film moves at the same pace as a pasture crossing, between expedition, pause and contemplation. Striking images of this profession merge with existential considerations. How can you guide a flock when you're a little lost yourself?

"A cinematic and existential encounter" - Ann Arbor Film Festival


A bittersweet story about living life to the fullest, dis- regarding one’s age and refusing to conform to social norms. Queer performer Lulla La Polaca hasn’t given up on finding love, though his eighty-year-old body and a world that would like to label him as a senior citizen, sometimes can’t keep up with his desires.

"Still sorely underexplored on screen, the autumnal years of queer life are vibrantly explored in Bogna Kowalczyk’s lively and moving portrait of 82-year-old drag artist Andrzej Szwan, who goes by the name Lulla La Polaca on stage." - Guardian

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