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"a welcome home for curated non-fiction from around the world" - Sight and Sound

True Story is a streaming platform dedicated to the the art of documentary storytelling.

It Runs in the Family

A revelation about Oscar Torres, her unknown and once world-famous queer filmmaker cousin, sends Victoria down a path of self-discovery through reconstructions of his intimate memories living in the 1950s authoritarian Caribbean, as Victoria leads re-enactments of his unproduced screenplays with the family who erased him.

"a cinematic excavation...a bold first feature from an exciting voice in nonfiction." - True/False

The End of Wonderland

The End of Wonderland is a feature documentary on Tara Emory, a veteran artist who works on her own terms in the sex industry. Facing a changing world and eviction from her packed studio, Wonderland, Tara must confront her family history of hoarding, her art, and herself.

"intimate and ever-so-wistful study...a classic portrait of American resourcefulness and self-sufficiency." -Guardian


Through his dreams, José received a gift given by the gods. A gift that brings consequences. Now that he is at a mature age in life, José would like to rest, but he is not allowed. Vaychiletik explores this fierce yet beautiful reality, forged from the dreams of the Mayan people of Mexico.

"beautifully-shot Mexican folk music study in the high arthouse style" - Guardian


In Camouflage, writer Félix Bruzzone embodies a runner who has an obsession with Campo de Mayo, the biggest military unit in Argentina. It is also the place where his mother disappeared in 1976 and the main clandestine centre of detention, torture and extermination during the last dictatorship. The film will follow Félix as he finds characters that allow him to enter and explore this place so loaded with history.

"a visceral embodiment of psychic trauma." - Open City Documentary Festival

Infinity According to Florian

On the eve of his 90th birthday, Kyiv-based architect Florian Yuriev gets some bad news. The city has rented out his architectural opus magnum – a Flying-Saucer-shaped avant-garde concert hall – to a real estate developer who wants to turn it into a shopping mall. (He also happens to be one of Donald Trump's Ukrainian cronies). Florian decides to quit his self-imposed seclusion and try to disrupt this phoney real estate deal. He is aided by a group of young architects and followers. As a result of the media outcry, the infamous new owner of the Flying Saucer building gives a promise to renovate the place according to Florian's own design. This promise turns out to be worth nothing, but Florian is not ready to give up. He uses his visionary skills to snatch an unlikely victory.

"a battle for the very soul of art." - Sheffield Doc Fest

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