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  • Feb 26 - The Kiosk

    A young visual artist, who has come to help her mother run her newsstand, invites us to join her behind the till.

  • Mar 5 - 4 years in 10 minutes

    Dir. Mladen Kovačević - 63min - 2018 - Serbia

    Mladen Kovačević weaves together puzzling diary excerpts and vintage footage of alien landscapes, shot by the Dragan Jacimovic, the first Serbian man to climb Mount Everest.

  • Mar 12 - My English Cousin

    Dir. Karim Sayad - 82min - 2019 - Switzerland, Qatar

    In the thrall of a mid-life crisis, after living in the UK for 17 years, Fahed has a decision to make, should he continue his humble lifestyle or return to Algeria, a country he fled in the hope of making a better life for himself?

  • Mar 19 - While We Are Here

    Dir. Clarissa Campolina & Luiz Pretti - 77min - 2019 - Brazil

    Lamis and Wilson are migrants in New York. She's a Lebanese that just arrived, and he's a Brazilian that has lived there illegally, for 10 years.

  • Apr 2 - Pariah Dog

    Dir. Jesse Alk - 77min - 2019 - USA

    Native street dogs have survived alongside humans in the towns and villages of India for thousands of years. In the densely populated city of Kolkata, four men and women devote themselves to caring for these often-neglected animals, despite their own material ...