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  • Vaychiletik - Trailer

    Through his dreams, José received a gift given by the gods. A gift that brings consequences. Now that he is at a mature age in life, José would like to rest, but he is not allowed. Vaychiletik explores this fierce yet beautiful reality, forged from the dreams of the Mayan people of Mexico.

  • May 24 - Lo Que Queda en el Camino / What Remains on the Way

    LO QUE QUEDA EN EL CAMINO tells the story of Lilian and her four children as they migrate in search for a better life. The family leaves Guatemala, joining a caravan of thousands of other people trying to reach the Mexico-US border. Being a single mother, this is Lilian’s best chance to make the ...

  • May 24 - Primer Paquete para Honduras / First Package for Honduras

    Life between waiting and arriving. Joining one of the migrant caravans, Dinora made it to the US. Now she has to deal with an GPS ankle bracelet, constantly reminding her that her time in the US might end at any moment.

    PRIMER PAQUETE PARA HONDURAS captures the atmosphere of a transitional stat...

  • May 24 - La Espera

    A remote piece of no man´s land. A dusty, barren area in between the railway line and the highway. A few campfires flaring. Groups of people gathering here and there. Slowly the situation is becoming clear. They are part of the caravan heading towards the US border. Silent images and fragments of...

  • May 31 - Moosa Lane

    Moosa Lane is a personal family epic, where the director looks back at the history of her two families over the course of 15 years in Karachi and Copenhagen. A cinematic essay of belonging, human worth, life, love and death.

    The director grew up in Denmark with her Pakistani father and Norwegian...

  • Jun 7 - Mom

    As a Mexican Tzotzil I grew up between the sacrality both of Guadalupe Virgin and Mother Earth. As a son, I grew up among the derision of not having a father and blaming my mother for it. ‘Mom’ is a dialogue between mother and son exploring their contradictions, knowing and recognizing each other...

  • Jun 14 - Guapo'y

    Celsa covers her skin with roots and leaves from her jungle-like garden. She wants to heal. She still feels prison and torture endured 45 years ago in a concentration camp in Paraguay. However, the past echoes; the country is ruled by the son of the former dictator's right-hand man.

  • Jun 21 - Pongo Calling

    Štefan Pongo is a Roma lorry driver. Fifteen years ago, he emigrated from the Czech Republic to the UK with his family to shield them from the open racial discrimination there. The children have since graduated from university and the family is doing well. Mission complete. But when the Czech pre...

  • Jun 28 - The Investigator

    A former investigator of The Hague Tribunal returns to the Balkans, to places where war crimes were committed nearly 30 years ago. Can justice be brought from the outside?

  • Jul 5 - Portrait Of My Father

    My father was found dead at the beach with psychotropic medication among his things. Despite suicide being a possibility, my mother -a psychiatrist- deemed performing an autopsy unnecessary. I was eight years old. Thirty years later, equipped with a box filled with his belongings, I begin piecing...

  • Aug 2 - Light Falls Vertical

    When I left the island where I was born, it wasn’t a departure, it was an escape. Years later, I arrive on another island, a barren place that feels strangely familiar. I have come here for an encounter with a man. He says he is willing to expose the violence that he carries within. But when I ve...