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  • Dec 8 - The Safest Place in the World

    Dir. Aline Lata, Helena Wolfenson - 72min - 2021 - Brazil

    The film portraits the life of Marlon, a young man whose life turned upside down after one of the greatest socio-environmental tragedies in the world: his city was buried in 2015 by the collapse of a dam.

  • Dec 15 - A Black Jesus

    For many centuries, in a small town on the southern border of Europe, people have been worshipping a statue of a black Jesus. 19-year-old Edward from Ghana, a resident of the refugee centre which is the subject of great controversy in the village, asks to carry the statue in the annual procession...

  • Dec 22 - All of Our Heartbeats are Connected Through Exploding Stars

    With the 2011 Japanese tsunami as a backdrop, Jenifer Rainsford’s debut feature is an epic odyssey on how humans and nature rebuild and heal after the catastrophe.

  • Dec 29: Steel Life

    Steel Life is a film journey about the Central Peruvian Railway during the week of Peru’s most important national holiday, Independence Day, July 28th. The train goes through steep gradients, carrying minerals from Cerro de Pasco, at 4380 m of altitude, one of the highest cities in the world, to ...