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Glitter and Dust

Glitter and Dust

Four girls living in the lonely vastness of the USA share one passion: the wild world of rodeo. Although they move about in the powerful imagery of the American prairie and the myths of the Wild West, they give it new resonance and break free of it. In a world that used to belong to their fathers and brothers, they prove that “you ride like a girl” is not an insult but a compliment.

Dir. Anna Koch, Julia Lemke - 91min - 2020 - Germany

"focuses on the frighteningly young girls making their daddies proud in bull riding competitions....Anna Koch and Julia Lemke follow four cowgirls on the rodeo circuit in a low-key observant documentary that makes no judgments" - The Guardian

"The vastness of the landscape is captured just as impressively as the details in the houses of the families." - Kino-Zeit

"moments of greatness" - We Love Cinema

Glitter and Dust