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Marriage Stories

Marriage Stories

6 Seasons

Helena Třeštíková chose six couples getting married in the Old Town Hall, Prague, and followed them over the next 3 decades, to see how life turned out. They were different in character, dreams and ideas, yet they had many similarities. All of them were children of their time and conditions, so they entered into marriage very young and often immature, with uncertain prospects, and often expecting a baby. Helena Třeštíková revisited the couples 25 and then 35 years later, to record her unique time-lapse project, observing stories of relationships that were tested not only by the usual joys and troubles of partnership, but also by the turbulent changes within society.

Dir. Helena Třeštíková - 1987 - 2006 - 2017

"one of the few Czech television programmes from the communist era which still stands up well today In this groundbreaking work, Trestikova used the filming method that was later to become her trademark by charting the destinies of six newlywed couples in real time, revisiting and recording their stories over a number of years....Seen together, these documentaries provide a poignant and absorbing portrait of the passage of time and the impact it has on people's lives." - Radio Prague International

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Marriage Stories